Real Estate agents act as the entry point for clients making the biggest financial decision they will ever make. You have the difficult task of providing the backdrop for the memories their family will make. Unfortunately, the industry is very competitive and everyone “knows” someone in real estate. To bring value a good agent must offer a much more comprehensive service, and help clients go from A-Z.

Many agents have a lender that they advise their clients contact to ensure that the process goes smoothly. However, most lenders will have an insurance agent that they will push and now the client is being advised on someone that may not offer the same quality of service. We want to be your preferred agent and will give your clients the service that will help you stand apart from your competitive. Building a team of professionals will help you clients focus on the emotional aspects of buying their dream house and not the financial stressors that many first time or experience home buyers face. Whether they are purchasing a property to live in forever or an investment property to flip we will provide them with the industry’s more competitive products.

We understand that as an extension of you it is critical that we provide your clients with a superior client experience and help you solidify your relationship as a trusted advisor.

We would love to speak with you about the Integrity process and help you build a team of professionals that will help you differentiate yourself among the many other planners in the industry.

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